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How to make your sticker pack in WhatsApp? : 2018

There was an app called 'Sticker maker for WhatsApp' on Android. Using this app is easily made of WhatsApp Optimizer.

To make a sticker of your own, initially you have to download the 'Sticker makerfor WhatsApp' app on Android phones. In the beginning of this app, who will make a name for the sticker who would like to know his name. Then you can add 30 stickers on your own.

Open the app and select 'add sticker' Select the picture from the phone After selecting, every photo can be cropped. However, due to finger corners on the screen, it can not be sorted very well. When finished, your sticker

You can add 30 stickers to this sticker package. However, all stickers should be added to the pack. Because sticker packs are not ready to be edited anymore. If you want to add a new sticker again, you will need to add a new sticker pack.

When finished building sticker pack, select 'Publish Sticker Pack' at the bottom. Afterwards, this pack will automatically add to your WhatsApp You can also download the sticker pack when you send a sticker to your sticker pack.
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