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How to add Blogger Social Share Button Tips : 2018

Creating a blog or website is as easy a task as possible to reach the next level. Two things in blogging are most important. First - write a good and useful content and seo the second blog. And an important part of the seo is to share or block your blog on social media, even under the responsibility of a blogger. You may know this fact that in addition to organic traffic, there is a lot of referral traffic in the success of any blog and this refferal traffic has given us the most social media sites like facebook, twitter, google +, linkedin , pinterest etc. According to an estimate, social referral traffic of any blog or site is up to 25 - 30 percent. So, when we talk of blog traffic, it is obvious that social networking sites are available. The success of a web site is judged by how many people you read hard-written content.

And a simple but very effective way of increasing the number of readers on your site is to use the social sharing button in the blog. Google has also made it clear that social media sharing is also an important factor in website ranking. By putting a social media sharing button on the blog, we get new readers. Suppose a blog reader who visits your site and if your post finds it very useful, then if he shares any of his social accounts like facebook or twitter, then all the people in that particular person's network will also can visit blog That means your blog will get a great exposure. And to achieve such kind of traffic you do not have to make any effort. All you have to do is set this social share button and the rest will be done by your blog-visitor himself. Therefore, you can understand that the way to increase the blog traffic without social sharing button is useless in a way. So in this post we will talk about how to add social sharing button to every post of the blogger.

I'm just talking about adding a social share button to the post footer. Well, there are many places to add to the social share button in the blog or website such as side bar, footer, post header but social share button is most appropriate to post poster (at the end of the article). Now you will question why this? So I will also ask you a question whether you share any content without reading articles on a social site? No. In fact, any reader first reads the content, and when he finds that post good and useful, he shares it on social site. This means that when your blog reader reads the post - reading will go downwards, then in order to share that particular post, the blog will have to scroll up again (in the case of setting a social share button in the post header). So why not give us the opportunity to share blog posts in the post footer below.

Although the blogger's default template already contains a social sharing button in the post footer, it is very small and does not look too good.So, look at the modern style and look attractive so that the design of the blog can also be four moons. So, for this we need to first remove the so-called old model's share button from the blogger default template. So that we can put a social share button in a new and attractive way. So let us first learn how to remove the default share button-

First, go to Blogger's dash board and click on Layout.

- Then click the edit post body.
- Remove the social share's tick mark and save it.

If the above guidelines are followed correctly, the default share button will be removed from your blog. Please check this out. Then proceed further.

Now we will learn to add social share button to our blog in an modern style -

For this, we will support the third party tool - addthis.com. This is a very famous web tool that you can see on many popular blogs or web sites. So first of all we will enter our browser address bar -www.addthis.com and press enter.

First to register on addthis site, we will register. There are three options to register.

1. continue with google
2. continue with facebook
3. continue with email

You can register by registering the site with the help of one of the above Now click on select a tool.

In the select a tool type click inline> continue

Now if you want a share counter then do not click on Total then click on none.

There is two radio button in the social network option. First Automatic (Recommended)And second select your own - In this option you can do whatever you want to add to the social media channel. Suppose you want to add facebook, twitter, google + and pinterest only four social channels, then you select these four social media channels only. There are hundreds of social channels in it but add only those who have the most popular channels. add this gives you complete freedom to select social channel.

If you want four different social channels under Number of services, then input 4. Style -modern responsive in DESIGN option According to your mind, in the Button size Large (32x32), Rounded corner, you can decide by looking at the preview of the corner right side. In the Color option icon color - leave white only. Leave the default in icon back ground color.

Hide Network Names - Includes Network names such as facebook, google + if you do not want the name, put a tick mark on yes. My recommendations - yes, leave it empty, do not tick it.

Now back to the back button, get back to the advanced option.

And put a tick mark in the hide on home page.

On the hide on this devices, click on either

Extra Appearance Settings

Share Count Minimum? In 10 select.

Input 700 in responsive width

Do not tick mark up the follow-up message - hide email sharing confirmation.

Now back to back button, click save and continue.

You will now have two types of code before which the code must be added to the template. How to Add it - Get ahead to know it First, click on the blogger's dash board and click the template / theme> edit html. Then click anywhere in the code and press ctrl + f Now in the search box Type </ body> by pressing Enter and when the </ body> appears in the template, just copy and paste the code first.

Now the second code is <div class = 'post-footer'>

Paste right above

At the end give the save theme / template by clicking on it.

Now check your blog and check it out. In your blog, your desired social media buttons have been added just below the blogger post.

NOTE - Before you make any changes to the coding of Blogger Template, you must backup your template so that you can get your first template again in case of any errors.
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