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Happy and Safe Diwali 2018 : Fire Safety Tips for Diwali - TechnicalTushar.In

'Fire misfortune is National Loss - Let us embrace Fire Safety Measures'

Cheerful and Safe Deepawali 2018

Fire Safety Tips for Deepawali


1. Painstakingly read the fire wellbeing directions and precautionary measures composed on Fireworks.

2. Continuously keep a basin of water and sand prepared while touching off Fireworks.

3. Continuously drench the utilized/depleted Fireworks like shimmers, rockets into a pail of water or dry free sand.

4. Light Fireworks at a manageable distance, and fending off your face.

5. Close the Windows and openings of your home appropriately to counteract entrance of lit flying wafers.

6. Utilize just standard make sparklers.

7. Senior's supervision is an unquestionable requirement while kids play with fireworks.

8. It is a safe to play fireworks in open grounds and open spots.

9. Rockets, window boxes and other flying saltines ought not be shown close covered houses and roughage stacks.

10. Fireworks like shines ought to be lit far from the body.

11. Wear tight cotton garments while playing sparklers.

12. Wear shoes, scenes for wellbeing.

13. Show worry for seniority individuals, kids and ladies while playing wafers.

14. In the event that you get consume wounds accidently, pour chilly water until the point that torment dies down and counsel a specialist.

15. Keep candles/diya light far from consuming materials.


1. Never enable youngsters to light firecrackers without older folks.

2. Don't relight Fireworks that neglect to touch off.

3. Try not to light Fireworks near the structures.

4. Try not to leave lit oil lights, agarbattis or candles on the floor or close Fireworks.

5. Try not to store scrap or some other flammable material in and around the structures.

6. Try not to permit fireworks show inside the house.

7. Try not to hold window boxes, nuclear bombs, ladhi close by amid presentation.

8. Try not to enable youngsters to go close hazardous and high sounding sparklers.

9. Try not to permit youngsters close to the saltine's shop.

10. Try not to toss lit fireworks aimlessly beyond all detectable inhibitions.

11. Don't relight or handle mal-working Fireworks.

12. Never touch off Fireworks in a shut holder.

13. Rockets ought not be propelled in the blocked territories.

14. Consuming candles/diya lights ought not leave unattended.

If there should be an occurrence of Fire and Rescue, Dial 101

Fire security mindfulness material might be download from our site :


Youtube : www.youtube.com/client/dgfirecell/recordings Issued out in the open enthusiasm by :

Directorate General Fire Services, Civil Defense and Home Guards,Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, East Block - VII, Level - 7,R.K. Puram, New Delhi - 110066For more data/hep, contact the closest Fire Station.

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