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'Fire loss is National Loss - Let us adopt Fire Safety Measures'

Happy and Safe Deepawali 2018

Fire Safety Tips for Deepawali

1. Carefully read the fire safety instructions and precautions written on Fireworks.

2. Always keep a bucket of water and sand ready while igniting Fireworks.

3. Always immerse the used/exhausted Fireworks like sparkles, rockets into a bucket of water or dry loose sand.

4. Light Fireworks at arms length, and keeping your face away.

5. Close the Windows and openings of your house properly to prevent ingress of lighted flying crackers.

6. Use only standard make fire crackers.

7. Elder's supervision is a must while children play with firecrackers.

8. It is a safe to play fire crackers in open grounds and open places.

9. Rockets, flower pots and other flying crackers should not be displayed near thatched houses and hay stacks.

10. Firecrackers like sparkles should be lighted away from the body.

11. Wear tight cotton clothes while playing firecrackers.

12. Wear shoes, spectacles for safety.

13. Show concern for old age people, children and women while playing crackers.

14. If you receive burn injuries accidently, pour cold water until pain subsides and consult a doctor.

15. Keep candles/diya lamp away from burning materials.

1. Never allow children to light fireworks in absence of elders.

2. Don't relight Fireworks that fail to ignite.

3. Don't light Fireworks very close to the buildings.

4. Don't leave lighted oil lamps, agarbattis or candles on the floor or near Fireworks.

5. Don't store scrap or any other combustible material in and around the buildings.

6. Don't allow fire crackers display inside the house.

7. Don't hold flower pots, atom bombs, ladhi in hand during display.

8. Don't allow children to go near dangerous and high sounding firecrackers.

9. Don't allow children near the cracker's shop.

10. Don't throw lighted fire crackers indiscriminately into the open.

11. Don't relight or handle mal-functioning Fireworks.

12. Never ignite Fireworks in a closed container.

13. Rockets should not be launched in the congested areas.

14. Burning candles/diya lamps should not leave unattended.

In case of Fire & Rescue, Dial 101
Fire safety awareness material may be download from our website :

Youtube : Issued in public interest by :
Directorate General Fire Services, Civil Defence & Home Guards,Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, East Block - VII, Level - 7,R.K. Puram, New Delhi - 110066For more information/hep, contact the nearest Fire Station.
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