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Assam NRC [National Register Citizens] : Extension up to 15th December 2018 - TechnicalTushar.In




1. A Claim can be submitted for re-consideration of eligibility based on documents already submitted or it can be submitted with additional List A or List B documents. There is no need to re-submit the documents submitted earlier. The list of legacy documents (List-A) shall remain the same as it existed at the time of the original application. The list is as follows:

I.   NRC, 1951

II.  Electoral Roll up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

III. Land documents like Registered Sale Deed, Records of land rights up to 24th March,1971 (midnight)

IV.  Citizenship Certificate up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

V.   Permanent Residential Certificate issued from outside the State up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

VI.  *Refugee Registration Certificate up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

VII. Passport issued by the Government of India up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

VIII.Life Insurance Corporation of India Insurance Policy (LICI) of relavant period i.e. up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

IX.**Any licence/certificate issued by any Government authority of relevant period i.e. up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

X.***Document showing service/employment under Government/Public Sector undertaking up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

XI.  Bank/Post Office Accounts of relevant period i.e. up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

XII. Birth Certificate issued by the competent authority up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

XIII.Education certificate issued by Board/Universities up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

XIV. Records/processes pertaining to court up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight) provided they are part of a proceeding in a Judicial or Revenue Court

XV.  **** Ration Card up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

*    Refugee Registration Certificate also includes the following variants:

     (i) Relief Eligibility Certificate up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

     (ii)Camp Inmate Certificate up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

**  Includes Government receipts,notices, orders or records up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

*** Includes Pension Payment Order (PPO) showing employment/service in Government up to 24th March, 1971 (midnight)

****This is only a supporting document and will be accepted only if accompanied by any one of the other fourteen (14) List A documents (I to XIV)

2.   In case of List B documents, ant legally admissible document issued up to 31st August 2015, and which is parts of official records can be submitted to prove linkage

3.   No change in Legacy Person will be allowed at the stage of filling of Claims

4.   No change will be permitted in the Manual Family Tree Statement declared earlier by the applicant

5.   Any person can make an objection in respect of inclusion of any name in the Draft NRC. There is no penalty for rejection of any objection

6.   Claims can also be submitted by a person who:

(a)Claims to be wrongly identified as D Voter (DV) or Declared Foreigners Tribunal (PFT), or their descendants
(b)Has order from Judicial Authority/Foreigners Tribunal declaring his as Indian but the person has not been included in Draft NRC

7. Provisions of Section 17 of Citizenship Act, 1955 will be applicable for Claims & Objections
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